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Where do you draw the line on generosity?

The past couple of weeks, I was faced with a question, “Is there really such a thing as being too generous?” I’m not talking about money or donations here. I’m talking about being generous in a bigger sense. Think ideas, advice, your business practices, time.

This was a question that has been bugging me for a couple of weeks. I have no reservations when people ask for my advice or help. I just do. It’s great to share what you know, see people implement them and see it work. This also makes you learn new things and grow.

So why has it been bugging me this time?

Recently, I’ve been asked by numerous people for some advice and without any second thoughts, I gave my advice and time. I shared what I thought could help them. Then more requests came in and for the first time, something stopped me in my tracks. I felt this hesitation crawling in. I certainly did not understand where it was coming from.

I sat with it for days. I let myself be uncomfortable and let my mind think about what was going on.

I was starting to be greedy. That scarcity mindset was trying to inch its way into my system.

Once I realized that, I asked myself a lot questions and the best question that I always go back to is - why am I doing what I’m doing in the first place?

I’m here because I want to help people succeed. I want to help people do more.

Hearing myself say that made me remember a piece of advice that Alla’s unconditionally generous Grandmother once said,

“I know when people start to take advantage of my generosity. I’m not stupid. That’s on them. They know what’s going on and I know what’s going on. I own nothing in this world. Who am I to keep it all?”

That’s all the answer that I needed. It brought me back. I felt grounded again. This hesitation was like a devil’s advocate. Sorry, can’t tempt me, Mr. Greed and Mrs. Scarcity Mindset. Buh-bye.

So the answer to that question, where do you draw the line on generosity?

There is no line.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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