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Small Acts of Generosity

I was hurriedly walking to the check-out counter of the grocery store when just a few steps away a guy with a cartful of groceries beat me to it. So I stood in line behind him carrying two items - celery and cherry tomatoes. As he was starting to unload his groceries, he saw me and said, “Oh you can go first.” I said “it’s alright, I’ll wait.” He gave me a big smile and insisted. As the cashier handed me my change, I called out to the generous man and thanked him again. He smiled and waved back as I told him to have a nice day. Small acts of generosity such as this can brighten someone’s day. It absolutely costs you nothing. Maybe not entirely nothing, just 1 minute longer of being in line. But it gives you this comforting and reassuring feeling that there’s more kindness and good in this world. I’ll try harder to do small acts of generosity, every day.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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