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The Wings of Visionaries

You are here now. And where you want to be or what you can become is way over there. Here is your reality. And over there is your possibility.

Most of us are focused more on the huge space between our reality and possibility which immobilizes us.

But there are a few amongst us who do not mind the seemingly vast blackhole. They’re eager on getting to the other side. So they opened their wings and with each flap they started inching forward, getting closer to the other side until eventually, they’ve covered the entire distance and they’ve arrived at their possibility.

Any space or gap, no matter how huge can be conquered by persistently and consistently going forward. Just keep moving forward. Just keep flapping your wings.

The great thing about people who open their wings and soar is that they allow others to see what’s still possible for them.

They remind other people of their own awesomeness and what more they can become.

They spark this self-belief in others.

When we see someone else achieve something, we suddenly think to ourselves, hey, she’s just like me, she did it so I can too. And so more dreams start having wings. And more visionaries start permitting themselves to take off the ground and soar.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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