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Puzzles & Possibilities

I like puzzles. You know what I like most about puzzles? Knowing that they can be solved. That there is a solution. That everything will fall into place. That is of course given that you keep working on it to figure it out.

At first glance puzzles don’t make sense. They seem impossible.

But once your mind is convinced that it can be solved, you start putting in the hard work and the long hours putting things in line.

And little by little things get easier, the puzzle is no longer puzzling and you figure out ways to do things easier and faster. And one day voila - it’s done. And because it can be done, more people are giving it a try.

You know what’s crazy? Whenever we think about our goals, our dreams or whenever we are in a difficult situation, most of us automatically think “this is impossible”. And so we just give up and walk away without even trying. We have to stop walking away from possibilities. We gotta start learning to love puzzles.

What’s possible? It’s entirely up to you.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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