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When Dreams Come True

There was a time when I’d scroll through Facebook and see photos of my employers in new places, doing cool and exciting activities - I’d always think to myself, “How I wish I could travel and experience all that I can just like them.”

Yes - I had a tiny tinge of envy seeing those. Even as they gave me last minute reminders before they go “offline” or how they might not be as responsive as usual, it always struck a chord in my heart.

Don’t get me wrong, I went on vacations. I even went full off-the-grid whenever I do but there’s just something different with them doing their travels.

Then a week ago, right before Alla and I left for their beach birthday celebration, it dawned on me - it was my first vacation as an entrepreneur. A day before that, I am to my team as what my employers were to me. We were giving them reminders and ways to contact us.

Alla and I planned how to go about working while on vacation because we “cannot be on a vacation leave”. At least not yet - our business is young and we had to run it, no matter where we were. Talk about location independence! Right??

This was the dream. I am living the dream. This is real.

It seemed so unrealistic and amazing at the same time. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was feeling a lot of emotions. I am still feeling a lot of emotions.

There we were. There I was finally travelling not worrying about the work that would’ve piled up while I was away - a little nervous but confident that my business will continue to operate as usual.

Here I am. Watch me.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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