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Appreciating Unplanned, Great Moments

Alla and I have been long-time followers of Bernadette Jiwa (if you haven’t checked her work, you should). Alla actually introduced her concepts to me and with just one blog post, I was hooked. Most of the time, when I feel stuck I go over her emails. I am subscribed to getting her blog posts straight to my inbox.

To say that we are amazed by her and her work is an understatement. Anyway, for the first time in ever, Alla and I bought our first ever online course - Bernadette’s The Story Strategy. After buying it and getting excited to start, I just realized - we just bought our first ever online course.

It hit me. When I started seeing the value of these courses, I often dismissed being a part of it. I knew I could never afford it. I was lucky enough to work for one so I got access and boy did I consume that course. It changed me for sure and a that’s a big part of why I Need A Michee is here. But actually buying one, nah, that’s not possible for me.

See that frame of mind, don’t do that. Anything is possible.

Oops. I’m getting side-tracked.

We have a Dream Wall with all our goals and buying a course that we like was not on it - that’s how far-fetched I thought it was.

So when this dawned on me, I realized how big of a difference having your own business can really bring into your life. Not only do you learn a lot of things (both about yourself and other people), but it opens a lot of opportunities for you - fast. Opportunities you’ve never thought would happen or even opportunities you never thought existed.

So when you’re feeling exhausted and feeling some self-doubt reeling in, reflect on where you were, what you’ve been through and where you are now and recognize these moments. Recognize and appreciate these unplanned, great moments and know that with every effort and hard work you put into whatever you’re doing, these great moments are worth it.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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