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Why the Hell Not?

The world likes to question. It seems we never run out of questions to ask.

What, Who, When, Where, How and Why are often uttered. We are a curious bunch.

And one fine day while I was in a cafe, having curious ears, I found myself listening to an exchange between a mom and a daughter. The kid was about 5 years old. She was holding a brown crayon in her left hand. The rest of the crayons are neatly tucked inside the crayon box. Her coloring book was on the table. I caught a glance of the open page and I saw that she’s colored almost everything, the entire page - in brown.

The mom told her daughter that she should just be coloring the drawings and not the entire page and that she shouldn’t just use one color for everything.

She immediately answered back with “Why not?” and just went on coloring the next page in brown.

This made me smile. Internally, I was giving the kid high fives. I liked her spunk.

I think, adults should start practicing saying “why the hell not” more. Somehow and somewhere in between our childhood, growing years and adult life, we started losing our courage, self-belief and determination.

Kids do things because they can and they do things their way because why the hell not.

We need to get our spunk back or at the very least, some of it.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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