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Don’t Forget to Come Out of Your Startup Blackhole

I spent an hour today answering my personal emails. I actually have a separate email address for it that only my family and friends know of. Lately, I have been letting the notifications in there pile up.

It’s not intentional like I have some quota that I want to reach. Nah, I’m the “No New Mail” kind of person. So why have I been taking that email address for granted?

I was in a Startup Black Hole. I still am but I am able to one, realize that I was in it and two, take a peek and see the world. Haha.

Anyway, if you ever started something with full on focus, you know what I’m talking about. I call it the Startup Blackhole because it’s what it feels like.

You are so focused on what you are trying to accomplish and build that you get sucked into this black hole. You don’t see anything else but your goal.

Don’t get me wrong, this is awesome. It means you are 100% committed to what you are doing and that’s the best foundation you can have for your business. Once the dust settles though, remember to step out of that black hole once in awhile and start balancing out your life again.

The thing is when you dive into this Startup Black Hole, the ones you care for the most are somewhat taken for granted. What’s amazing is they understand you and what you are doing so they let you be and support you nonetheless.

So, if it takes for you to book an hour a day (just like how you would block time for your goals) to keep in touch with them, respond to their emails or messages, have a meal with them, go and do that. It matters to them and to you and don’t forget to thank them.

PS - BLOCK 👏 A 👏 TIME 👏 RIGHT 👏 NOW. 👏 I’m not kidding.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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