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Every Act We Do Creates Ripples

Every act we do creates ripples. Even the smallest one. The kind warm smile you give to a stranger, the hug you gave a friend, being kind and giving, the principles you value and uphold, the solutions you provide - they impact people’s lives.

That’s one thing my late grandmother used to say. She was a generous woman. Kind and big hearted.

She always told me that what you send out gets passed around, they reverberate, like tiny ripples.

3 years ago, I gave the eulogy for my grandmother. I stood in front of a huge crowd. Most of them, I have never met. But many of them took the time to pay their respects. I was able to talk to some of them and they shared to me their stories of how my late grandmother helped them, inspired them, and how she’d urge them to do good and be better. This is the kind of ripple she created. And I am lucky enough to have witnessed the impact she’s made.

Every act you do creates ripples. What kind is up to you.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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