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How Do You Inspire Your Team To Do Great?

If there’s one thing that really annoys the hell out of me, it’s sloppy work. This is what I always tell our VArmy, especially our new hires. I’m pretty sure, our team has memorised my go-to line which is this:

“You always have time to check your work. Or rather you have to make time to check and double check. Don’t just wing it. Don’t just do a task for the sake of doing it. You have to take pride in the work that you do and what you’re able to bring on the table. Because God damn it, you’re capable of doing great work. You have to believe that. Michee and I believe that. This is why you’re a part of this team”

Once our new team members hear this, they let their brilliance shine. They start owning their abilities and they show up with the intention to do great. And that is sort of magical.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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