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Step Away and Smirk


A man was pushing a door to get it to open. He wanted to go inside the building. He kept at it, increasing his force, putting his body weight on the door and yet he can’t open it.

Frustrated, he walks away not sure what to do.

He calmed himself down and walked slowly back to the door to try again. Then, he notices something - a small sign that says “Pull”. He smirked and pulled the door gently and went in the building.


Most of the time, when we’re trying to solve something, we keep at it until we’re at our wits end. We push through it until we are so engrossed with it that we do not see the bigger picture or the finer details anymore. We get frustrated and feel stuck.

This is when we need to step away.

Learn to recognize this moment and then literally step away. Stand up. Walk around. Go outside. Take a nap. Whatever works for you.

Then you’ll know that right moment - When you see a detail that you haven’t seen before or when everything feels clearer or when you now know what to do.

Give that smirk and then move along.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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