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If you play tennis, you’ll have a favorite hitting partner. I’d pick you if you give me difficult shots, make me run, force me to go to the net and then run around. I like challenging myself. I’d also pick you if I’m able to get the upper hand and be the one controlling the shots, making you run around and chase difficult shots. I like to have fun and challenge other people as well. (And also, it feels nice to win)

Just like in tennis, most of your interactions, you can choose who you want to engage with. If the interaction is not doing you any good, or doing the other party any good, it may be wiser to find someone else to hit the ball with.

So audit who you spend time with. Are you spending a lot of time with people who seem to always talk about who did what and what who did? Or maybe someone who always has negative things to say about you or the work you do no matter what. You’re better off playing with someone else.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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