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No System Will Ever Work For You

Unless you allow it to.

Every person, every company, every team has some sort of system that they do. I say “sort of” because there are some that think not having a system is just how they roll.

With every system I encounter, I’ve seen some that work well and some that are well, they are not really systems to begin with.

With every conversation I have, I’ve been asked on what systems work best, what project management software is the best. And every time, I never answer with what works for me, I always ask,

  • What do you think will work for you?

  • Are you a list person or a visual person?

  • What have you tried before?

  • What IS your current system?

This even gets more complicated when you have a team involved. I’ve heard entrepreneurs, founders and leaders say, “we’ve got to find something that works for everyone.”


You’ve got to find a team that is willing to learn or you’ve got to teach your current team to be open to learning. That includes yourself.

Every system and every project management software has a learning curve. Accept that.

No matter how many project management software you try, no matter how many times you change your “system”, if you and your team are not willing to learn it and actually use it, nothing will happen.


Do you feel that your current system

(or lack thereof) needs a massive overhaul?




Image by Kristopher Roller


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