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PSA - Let Yourself Rest

When you always try your best to push your boundaries, to do more, to grow further, at one point, you get tired.

It’s normal and it’s perfectly all right.

Our body always needs to recharge.

This is why we sleep at night. Sleeping gives our body time to rest and regenerate so that we can take on the next day. The problem starts when, in the height of inspiration, creative flow and hustling, we starve ourselves of this much needed cycle.

Just this weekend, I slept all day long for two days. I usually take afternoon naps and on weekends, I try to make the most out of it since these are the two days I disconnect from everything. But this weekend, I wasn’t active at all.

The week prior to that was very exhausting and when my body was asking me to rest, I listened.

I let myself sleep, recharge and regenerate.

When your body is asking you to help it out and give it a rest, do you listen?

Make sure you do. Not listening to your body can not only lead to burnout but can also lead to more serious breakdown - mental and / or physical.

It’s important to push yourself and to hustle. Just remember that it is equally important to pause and rest.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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