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5 Lessons For Working Out and Running a Business

After seeing ourselves grow unhealthy, Alla and I decided to seriously turn that around by hitting the gym and getting a trainer that would help us go back to our healthy selves. It’s been more than a month since that started and I’ve been learning so many things that are not only applicable in working out but are definitely applicable to business and goal-setting.

Here are some of them.

1. Consistency is Key.

We’ve all heard this line before but it is real. To achieve a goal, you have to be consistent with putting in the time, energy and effort into it. You can’t just do things when you want to. You have to tell yourself to work on your goals every single day. You have to hit the gym even on days that you don’t want to. Same with entrepreneurship - you have to run your business even on days that you don’t want to.

2. There’s no magic pill, trick or quick fix.

If you want real results that last, you have to be patient and let it happen. Magic pills, tricks and quick fixes do not exist. While those may seem to work at first, it never lasts. If you’re going to do something, be patient enough to build the right foundations and reap the real results later on.

3. Your pace is different than another person’s pace.

Some people lose weight faster, some take more time. Some businesses grow faster than yours. Some take years. Just like with anything, try your best to avoid comparing yourself with another person or business. Their reality is different than yours. Their circumstances are different than yours. Instead of using up your time and energy looking at someone else’s progress, spend that time and energy working on yours.

4. Having the right support is important.

It’s the same with being in a mastermind or with like-minded people. Having a coach or someone who would encourage you, support you, act as you accountability partner helps a lot. It’s never easy to workout and be healthy again. It’s painful. It’s exhausting and it can be frustrating, just like with running your business so it is important to have someone or a group of people that understand what you are going through and cheer you on.

5. Recovery time is important.

While it can be tempting to just go at it at full force 7 days a week. That’s not good, for working out and running your business. If you think this will get you the results that you want faster, you are so wrong. What it will lead you to faster than ever is physical injury and / or burnout. Letting your body rest and recover is just as important as you putting the work in. We all need to give our body and our mind the space to heal itself, so let it.

PS - Just always remember, you can do this!



Image by Kristopher Roller


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