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When Your Team’s A Mess

It’s probably because YOU are a mess. 😵

We’ve all heard that line that “Your business is only as good as the team behind it”.


What we often forget is that team is only as good as the leader that’s within it.

If you’ve ever been part of a team or have led a team or both, you’d probably experienced a moment when the entire team seems to be a mess. A moment where screw-ups keep happening and it just gets frustrating.

Most of the time, people start to find a “root cause” aka a scapegoat.

Most of the time, leaders get angry and lash their frustration out on a specific person or the entire team forgetting to look at the most important person to look at - herself.

The thing is - it is YOU who are leading this team.

What they do is under your direction so how they are doing is parallel to how you are doing.

Their “mess” is a reflection of YOUR mess.

So the next time you feel like lashing out on your team, ask yourself these questions first:

  • Was I clear enough?

  • Have I been throwing various things at them, jumping from one thing to another (which is confusing)?

  • Am I the source of this mess?

  • Have I set which ones are the real priorities? Have I clearly relayed that to them?

  • Have I put too much on their plate?

  • Am I confusing? Are they confused?

  • Do I know what to focus on? Do they know what to focus on?

When you find the honest answers to these questions, you can then improve on yourself and your team.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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