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Efficiency Over Interesting Conversations

We’ve become so impersonal.

Choosing efficiency over interesting conversations.

I bet you’re guilty about this too. When you’re next in line at the counter and the customer being served is having a chit-chat with the manager or the receptionist or the cashier, you internally groan or maybe roll your eyes, tapping your feet to let them know that you’re not amused with the hold up.

I’m guilty of this too. And many businesses are guilty of this.

Businesses are no longer genuinely interested in stories and the people behind these stories.

We’re just after facts.

Email and Name.

Sometimes, we don’t even bother for names so long as we have the email. And what do we do when we have the email? We crave for interaction. Which weirdly enough, we avoid almost every time we have the chance for genuine interaction and connection.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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