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Fear of Failure is Temporary

The first business we launched, Michee and I were fearful. The question “what if this fails” kept delaying us from launching. But eventually came a day when we were able to just do the right twirl and pushed fear aside giving us the space to leap and launch.

The 2nd business we launched, we still went back and forth. But we were less afraid. We knew that failure is a possible outcome. But the thought of failing did not sound so bad anymore. It was a welcome challenge.

And well, the 2nd business is this business, where you’re reading this piece. Obviously, things are going great. We did not fail. It’s not smooth sailing all the time, but what’s a ride without some bumps and winds huffing and puffing. Boring, I’d say.

Looking at our dream wall now, we have so many things we still want to launch. And both Michee and I have started working on these new projects we want to ship. And I could honestly say that I no longer fear failing.

I am no longer threatened by what if this doesn’t work and other grim outcomes of failures. You can’t win all the time.

That’s true. And if you believe this to be true, then it’s only right to believe that you can’t lose all the time.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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