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What If Things Go Your Way?

It took years for Michee and I to seriously consider putting up I Need a Michee. It took weeks of going back and forth if we were really going to ship it. One fine day, we had the hubris to say what the heck, let’s do this. Of course it’s going to work and if it didn’t, so what. And so ship we did.

Our friends, who believe in our work, sent a number of people our way. We had calls with those interested to know how we can help them. No call ended up in an immediate sale. Michee was a bit worried. I, on the other hand, was pretty much chill about everything. They will come, I reassured her. Those who see our value will come. We just need to be patient.

For a couple of weeks, we got busy with work and so I Need a Michee was not at the forefront of our concerns. Then in the middle of the night (since we’re in Asia), Michee woke me up. Somebody actually signed up and paid the subscription fee. We were so thrilled. Then we had another sign up, a month after. Then a month later, we got 3 new sign ups all in one day. I was so thrilled. And Michee was panicking. That was a funny moment. I had to tell her to light up a cigarette to calm her nerves down (at that time, we were still smoking). When she calmed down a bit, I told her things are starting to go our way, and things are going to change. Are you ready for that?

We’re all too familiar with the fear of failure. But the fear of success is just as tricky and challenging to overcome. But here’s the thing, you can always dance with it too.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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