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Buying Experience Matters

My wristwatch broke. It finally gave up on me. So on Sunday, Alla and I went to 2 malls to find me a watch. On the first one, it had tons of choices and there were tons of people too. While there were some watches there that I liked, I didn’t feel like buying. Everything felt rushed. It felt like I was fighting for attention and it just felt crowded. The second one we went to was the complete opposite. Same selection, same brand, just a different consumer experience. The place wasn’t crowded. They took extra steps to make you comfortable and it was just pleasant. I bought my new watch in minutes. That’s when I realized, buying experience matters. A LOT. Now, I know for some people the first mall experience wouldn’t matter, it was fine but I wasn’t the market for that. I’m the type that asks all the questions before I buy something so I need a person who can answer me and the space to do that. Knowing how your target market makes their purchases can change your business. How do you do that? Get to know your market well enough first so you can create a “buying experience” that they’d love. Be observant with your processes and see how people respond to it. Look at your target market,

  • Do they prefer talking to a person or a bot?

  • Are they the type that would prefer to read your FAQs page or have someone do a demo for them?

  • Where do they go? Are they on a specific social media?

  • Do they want formal language or a laid back, casual tone?

This is not something you can answer in a day. This is something that will always evolve and change.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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