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Remembering the Simple Things

Last month was our highest sales month (thank you everyone!) and with that of course comes the hustle. In addition to everything that’s going on with INAM, we’ve also started to branch out of it - in our personal lives and in other business related things.

We barely had any space in our calendars for ourselves and it felt like everything was growing and expanding.

We were experiencing new things, meeting new people, learning new things.

Bigger things. More expensive experiences. Bigger team. Bigger goals. More expensive goals.

Until one day, I told Alla, I’m exhausted and while I do love all these things that are happening, I just feel tired. Everything was just expanding in all directions.

And just like what we do with our business and our goals of going back to our why, we went back to basics.

Alla took me to the arcade.

This is one of the simplest things we enjoy. Back then, we would save up for it and spend the day just playing different arcade games (especially shooting stuff). We bought tokens (well, technically these now come in cards that you swipe) took that photobooth photo and spent everything in one game.

It was amazing.

As our worlds expand, our capacities expand, we sometimes feel lost with how fast and how big our worlds grow.

Go back to basics. Remember the simple times. Experience the simple things.

Go back to basics.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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