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Burnt Toasts and Business

I was served burnt toast today. Alla and I had breakfast in our favorite nearby cafe and I ordered the same dish that I usually would. I was so excited when the dish arrived until I took a bite of the toast.

It was bitter.

The toast looked fine on my plate so it didn’t make sense. Then I flipped it. There it was.

Black, burnt toast. I knew it was not something the chef did not notice. She did notice it. She knew because she hid the burnt side. I didn’t ask them to replace it because I was really hungry but I did point it out to them. I had to ask Alla, since she cooks as well, “Why would anyone serve something burnt? Why would you put out something you know is so poorly made?” There could be a number of reasons -

  • This person could be so exhausted to the point of not caring anymore. OR

  • This person could be scared to let people know she made a mistake.

Both are big issues that need to be addressed. Think of all the instances when you did something half-assed. Was it during your last days as an employee? Was it during the time you needed to take a break from running your business but refused to? How about your team? Are they exhausted? Scared? Do they still care? If you’re serving up burnt toasts to your clients, it’s time to take a step back and figure out why.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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