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That Constant State of Failure

There are numerous times when Alla and I would start to become impatient about our goals. Most of the time, it’s this sinking feeling of - “since we can’t reach it at this specific time, what’s the point? Let’s just stop” aka, this feeling of hopelessness. While looking back and seeing how far you’ve come can cure this, sometimes, it just attacks you so bad that it just feels like it doesn’t matter. This reminded me of a video on why only having goals is broken process. Adam Atler explains that better here.

In here he mentions that only having goals puts us in a constant state of failure since success would be achieving that goal. This constant state of failure is what is wrong with just having goals. Instead of lifting you up, it weighs you down. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love having goals but whenever I feel like it’s taking me too long to get there, this constant state of failure explains that frustrating, hopeless feeling and I’m not a fan of it. What he suggests is to set a system instead. For me, combine both. Have a goal and set a system at the same time. Setting a system gives us a constant feeling of achievement. Plus, systems do move us forward. Before you know it, that goal is right in front of you. Two important questions - What’s your goal? What’s something you can do everyday to move you forward? I’ve heard these questions before but I never fully understood it until now.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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