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More People Doesn’t Always Mean Business Growth

Attracting new customers has always been the goal of most marketing. It almost is automatic for us to think that for our business to grow, we need more customers. So we try our hardest and spend much of our efforts and resources trying to win over people who have not given us the time of day or care to.

Somehow, in our heads, scaling automatically means more people. About a month ago, we talked to a couple of young founders and their team, and we touched on the subject of scaling their business. All of their efforts were geared and focused on one single thing. Get more people in. They had plenty of ideas on how to get a bigger audience and grab more attention. The room fell silent when I asked this question:

What are you guys doing with the people who already gave you their attention and their business?

Is anyone keeping in touch with them,

keeping tabs,

finding out more about what their pains are,

what delights them,

what matters to them,

and just getting to know them better? Somehow, we rarely make the connection between retaining a customer and business growth.

We forget that there is immense power in customer loyalty.

It is what makes all customers come back and do business with you again and again. And more often than not, they come back with new customers in tow. So instead of forcing yourself to matter to more people, pour your attention to the people who actually matter.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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