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Customer Support is a Sh*tty Job

And by that I mean, they get rained on by a ton of unreasonable sh*t. Okay, before anything else, if your customer support receives a lot of angry customers everyday, you need to check what the usual complaint is and fix that.

By the way, it’s usually about your product or service or the customer support itself. Either way, check it. Alright, let’s dive in. Your customer support is your front liner and whether or not something breaks in your system, they do receive a few angry emails here and there. And if something does break, they receive a mountain of it. Most of the time, the anger is unreasonable and while you’d probably respond with anger too, they don’t. Instead, your customer support would empathize, keep their cool and still work on solving your customer’s issue, and then move on to next one and the next and the next. That’s what a great customer support person is. However, let’s not forget that your customer support team is human too. And while they keep their cool, they still absorb this anger and this negativity, and it does take a toll on them. It affects their day and their mood.

Just imagine how much sh*t they sift through so you won’t have to deal with it.

So, yes, customer support is a sh*tty job and it’s your job as a Founder, Owner, Entrepreneur to appreciate your customer support team in every way possible. There are probably 2 things they’ll appreciate -

1. Have their back

  • If they tell you something is not working and customers are angry, do everything you can to help them fix it right away.

  • If they stuck with your policy, don’t throw them under the bus when the customer contacts you. Stick with them. It’s important for them to know that you’ll have their back.

2. Be nice to other Customer Support people

  • Think of them before you irrationally lash out on someone else’s customer support.

  • You bragging how you gave another customer support person a “piece of your mind” makes them feel horrible. So be nice as much as you can. They’ll love you for it.

So go, give your customer support team some love!



Image by Kristopher Roller


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