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Is Your Solution Actually Creating More Problems?

Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across this article - “My Day With Juicero, Silicon Valley’s Absurd $400 Juicer" and it is really absurd. Watch it and see for yourself. At the end of the video, he says something like, “It’s a solution that’s worse than the problem.” *Mic Drop* Most of the time, we get caught in this as well - whether when it’s solving a client / customer’s issue or when we build systems to avoid specific problems within our company. Do you remember a solution you made that actually created more problems? I have and I’m lucky enough to have a team and a partner that would point it out right away. I have learned to practice asking for feedback whenever I propose a new system or solution to our team. Even better, if I know someone else is more familiar with the problem (since she deals with it mostly), I have her propose a solution and help her implement it. Always review your solutions and surround yourself with people and a team that will be brutally honest with you. On the other end, prepare to receive feedback because sometimes, when we’re caught up in a bubble, we don’t see the problems that we create.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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