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Not Everyday is a Glorious Championship Match

We all picture out moments we look forward to the most. When you were a kid, your daydreams most probably revolved around summer vacations, Christmas, growing up and the adventures you’ll have along the way. When you build a business, most definitely you have envisioned more than once, the day when you finally launched your product or service, or made your first sale, exceeded your sales expectations, and your business growing bigger and bigger. It is quite an exciting feat. But here’s the thing. The road to those moments gets boring. You’ll soon find that doing the same thing over and over again is tedious. And you start dreading doing the work. This is where most people give up.

If you want to be successful in business or be great at anything, you need to learn to live with the monotonous, humdrum.

The repetition, the day to day, uneventful, mundane days - you have got to learn to develop a tolerance for it. You need to build that discipline in you to keep persisting and keep at it especially for these dull moments. It is hard to be excited about something that is dull.

Trust me, I know.

During my younger days, when I was training for tennis, the repetition got to me. I got bored of hitting forehands, backhands, practicing my serve and the slice, and working on my footwork because I just wanted to play and win matches. And so I quit. I gave up on my dream of becoming a professional tennis player. I recently learned that sometimes it helps to acknowledge and tell someone that you’re just tired of the unremarkable, the repetitiveness of it all. It’s worked for me a number of times. As soon as I felt growing tired of doing the work for I Need a Michee, I would say it out loud and let Michee know. And almost instantly, after putting that out in the open, I start working. As Maria Sharapova said “Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, you just have to keep doing it.”



Image by Kristopher Roller


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