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My Pet Peeve

Recently, I discovered one of my major pet peeves - people who do not respect work. This comes in different forms. It could be...

  • A lead that downplays the value you bring as a service or product (aka those who tell you that you are too expensive and they can get something or someone for cheaper. Go there then).

  • An entrepreneur that does not appreciate how her team allows her business and herself to grow.

  • An employee who puts out half-assed work (and doesn’t consider how this would affect the business and therefore the source of income of her colleagues as well).

If you’ve ever met these people, go and run to the other direction. Don’t waste your time trying to make yourself become valuable for them.

If you’ve caught yourself being any of these, please stop and turn yourself around. Let’s all respect each and everyone’s work, including your own. Never downplay someone’s service or product until you’ve really tried it. Remember to see and acknowledge the great things that your team has done for you and with you. Respect yourself and never put out half-assed work.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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