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A Gentle Reminder about Social Media

Most of the time, when I scroll through my social media feeds on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, I find peeking through my friends’ lives captivating. I learn new about new things - like a new place to check out or an event that would be interesting to go to. I also learn about their progress in whatever endeavors they are currently taking. I get to see a snippet of how they are. There are times though, especially when I’m not feeling too keen about my current state, whether in business or just in general, I get a little frustrated. These are the times when the not-so-good-voices-in-my-head whisper annoying doubts. “Look at them grow so fast while you’re still in the same place.” “You’ll never achieve those things.” “They’re the real deal, you’re just pretending.” If you find yourself feeling this way, try your best to remind yourself and tell those voices too that hey, you are doing just fine. What you see is purely curated. This is what we often forget - All of social media is curated. Your friends’ posts are curated to show the best parts of their days and so is YOURS. Even you only share what you think is worth sharing. So when you find that social media scrolling is giving you a rather negative experience, shut it all down and do something else. Do something for YOU.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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