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No Time to Feel Sorry

Sam was very skilled in the kitchen. He grew up working in his dad’s diner after all. He can come up with wonderful recipes and even do tricks while he cooks. He thought he was the best until he was thrown in a world completely unknown to him - a fine dining French restaurant. In that kitchen, he was making mistakes. He was reading terms that he’s never heard before. He was scolded at on a daily basis. Instead of being the star of the kitchen, he was lagging behind. The other chefs in the kitchen thought that he would quit but they wondered, how can he show up everyday, eager to learn. He says, “I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself. There’s so much to learn!” When faced with things he didn’t know, he wasn’t discouraged. When bombarded with harsh feedback, he wasn’t rattled. Instead, he recognized that he had a lot more to learn and did everything he could so he can take it all in. Imagine if you develop this attitude.

If you don’t allow yourself to feel sorry and instead viewed challenges as great opportunities to grow.

Imagine what you could achieve.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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