I’m Not a Fan of Meetings

… The unnecessary ones, that is. These meetings are:

  • Notoriously long

  • Have no clear agenda

  • Have “discussions” that seriously, could have been done offline

AKA, a complete waste of time. Here’s an example - if you just have an update about a current SOP in place, do you really need to wait until you find a time that works for you and the person involved?

Can’t you just screen record your instructions and send that recording to the person involved? This what I meant by “discussions”. They’re not discussions really. There’s nothing to discuss. You don’t need to have a meeting for this. I can go on and on. But let’s just talk about great meetings.

Great meetings are when:

  • You have a clear agenda with specific objectives

  • You need to have a discussion in order to make a decision (aka brainstorming)

  • EVERYONE involved in the meeting should really be there.

  • EVERYONE should know what the goal of the meeting is.

When you ask someone to reserve a time for you, make sure to make it worth their while. Let’s not waste each other’s time. We all have better things to do.



Image by Kristopher Roller