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For Impatient People

I am impatient. I want to see results right away. I get jittery when my business hits a plateau. I hate waiting when I meet people. I want to achieve goals as soon as I can. I often find myself getting obsessive so I can master a skill as fast as possible. On one end of the spectrum, this impatience is great. It can help you achieve a lot of things. It can help you reach your goals. It can help you be great. But on the other end, this impatience also burns you out. Frustrates you. Tires you. Makes you blind. So learn to be patient as well. There are things that are worth honing for a long period of time. There are things that become greater over time. Like wine. Ha! Not everything needs to happen as fast as it possibly could. More often that not, taking your time is what gives birth to excellence. So for impatient people like me, this is for you. Be patient. Be still. Take your time.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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