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What is Your Priority?

Over the Holiday break, I received 2 kinds of emails bidding the year goodbye.

The first kind was about treasuring this time, the importance of unplugging and giving yourself and your team time to recharge and come back refreshed.

The second kind was about getting ahead of your competition - the ones that sang the lines - “While everyone’s on a break, take this time to hustle and you get ahead xx% of everyone else.”

I’m partial to the first kind - it’s the kind of email that INAM sent out. We value time-offs.

I do understand the second kind though. Sometimes, everyone being away (no phone calls, no emails from clients) is exactly what you need in order to get those creative juices flowing.

What bothers me about that second kind is how it focuses on other people - not YOU. It focuses on how you can get ahead of your competition instead of focusing on how you can make yourself or your business better.

A part of me thinks, the reason why it’s written that way is there’s this undertone of sourgraping in there. People are relaxing and you’re hustling so you’ve got to convince yourself that this is better than what everyone else is doing.

Please stop. 🛑

People have their own priorities. Some prioritize the time to unplug and be with family while some prioritize to be in their own creative world.

Whatever it is, just don’t make other people feel bad about what their priority is.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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