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Building New Habits (with Our Team)

Right after our offsite, we’ve realized that we need to form healthier habits. Because we’re always sitting and in front of our laptops, we’ve become sluggish. Couple that with too much and unhealthy eating habits and we were well on our way to a fitness crisis.

And the entire team was in agreement with this.

One of our VArmy, Vince started his fitness training right away. By the time this is published, he’s been doing his fitness training for more than a month. Cian, another INAM VArmy, just started her road to fitness.

Michee and I started with our first fitness training last April 13. I started making sure that we eat healthy meals and in good portions. We started being conscious about the time we sleep. Our trainer asked that we at least get 8 hours of sleep. So Michee and I push each other to make it a habit that by 11pm, we’re off our laptops and off to bed as we wake up at 7 am to walk our dogs.

Jules, our only VArmy who is physically healthy, is on the sideline encouraging all of us. But she also pledged to be consistent with stand up paddling - at least twice a week in the morning.

It may be hard to quit old habits and harder to form new ones, but the decision to want that change is in your hands. You just need to want it and own it.

Building new habits for yourself and together with your loved one or your family or your team (in this case) is a great investment. You immediately have an accountability partner and someone to cheer you on.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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