Break Habits

As much as we can, Alla and I spend Sundays at home so that we can rest, relax and get ready for the upcoming week ahead. It’s become our habit to just stay in and do household chores or do nothing. Last Sunday though, I sensed that both Alla and I were feeling uneasy and extremely bored. There was this icky and negative atmosphere at home. So I just suddenly asked her to go out with me and our 3 furbabies. I asked her to just go to the park with me. She immediately jumped up and got ready. We went for a short drive to the nearby park, let our furbabies have their fun in the grass and then had dinner. That’s when I realized how much we needed something spontaneous to lift our spirits up and inspire us.

Habits are good. We strive to create habits but from time to time, break them.

Break them especially when it’s about taking care of yourself and your family. Don’t let your habits tie you down so much that you forget to be spontaneous and have a little a fun. Take a break even from your own habits.




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