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When Bad Habits Try to Make a Comeback

Last Saturday, Alla asked me to go out with her to check this organic market. After buying all the veggies she wanted, she told me she saw an art gallery just nearby and asked me to check it out. She wasn’t sure how far along it was but we started walking under the light drizzle and explored the area.

We were in a familiar street but we haven’t been here for awhile and after just a few minutes, I panicked, fear with a mix of impatience crept in and I asked her to stop in front of the restaurant I knew and grab an Uber. Alla agreed.

The Uber arrived and so we walked towards it, just past the restaurant we knew and guess what we saw - that art gallery that Alla so thoughtfully noticed because she knew it was something I’d like.

Too late. Uber’s here. My heart sank. 💔

As we drove away, in safety, my mind was opened and saw not only the gallery but other beautiful places we could have gone to if I wasn’t impatient and scared.

This instance just reminded me of how much I refused to make opportunities happen for me before I worked on conquering this mindset.

Of how much opportunities I did not see because fear and impatience clouded my vision.

It reminded me that the way we think affects every single aspect of our lives. It manifests even in the seemingly trivial instances.

It also reminded me that personal development never ends and sometimes bad habits make a comeback to try and “revert” you back. It will happen and it’s important to notice it so you can remind yourself of how much work you did to break that habit and be the best version of yourself.

And once you notice it, make sure to stop it on its tracks by doing what it has successfully stopped you to do.

As for me, I am taking Alla back to that street and we will walk and check every single store, cafe and gallery until our feet are sore.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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