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Doing The Things That You Hate To Do

Starting and running your own business is exhilarating. You get to make use of your creativity, have the freedom to work on things your way, and finally turn your dreams into a reality.

While it’s not always rainbows and sunshine, it still is an amazing roller coaster ride.

Let’s be clear, it takes a ton of freaking hard work to make your dreams into a reality and as you go through it, you probably realize that there are some things in your business that you are not particularly keen on doing.

If your revenue allows it, you could let these things go and hire an awesome assistant (*wink wink*). Ah, delegating things, especially things that you hate doing, is such an amazing thing. It’ll free up your time and your mental space.

However, no matter how many different people you hire, there would always still be some things that you don’t necessarily like doing but HAVE TO.

What do you do then?

While it is tempting to not do them…


Grow the F up and do it.

This isn’t fantasy land.

As an entrepreneur, you have responsibilities and you can’t run away from them.

Either you do it the hard way and you neglect these things and let it pile up or you can stop whining and do what you need to do.

Be the leader that your company and team needs.

If you can’t and still refuse to, then you’re in the wrong career. Do your company, your team, and yourself a favor and let it go and do something else.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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