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Your Attitude Matters

A few weeks ago, both Alla and I lost our motivation to go to the gym because of an incident that was handled in poor taste by one of the trainers. Instead of being excited to head to the gym, it felt more like a chore that we had to do and then we started dreading it. With these negative feelings, we saw that we weren’t able to do the exercises properly and this affected everything. Our weight was going up and down, we didn’t feel good. You name it. We’ve resigned ourselves to: we’ll just finish this package and do something else but it was still cumbersome. Then I figured, either we just stop this all together because this is becoming a waste of time or work on something I can control - myself. In one of our recent sessions, I made the conscious effort to put the incident behind me and to might as well enjoy and do this as best as I can. We’re choosing to be here anyway so might as well show up with a positive attitude. From there, our trainer and Alla saw the improvement in the quality that I was producing. I was in my own world. I was doing this for me.

You see, no matter how “great” you may be, if you approach things with a sour attitude, you’ll probably produce less than mediocre results.

But if you approach things with a positive energy, an open mind and with a clear focus on your objectives, you’ll not only get to your results, you’ll get there with excellence. So, when you have to do something, try leaving the negativity behind. You HAVE to do it anyway, so why not enjoy it?



Image by Kristopher Roller


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