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Focus on One Thing

We all have tons of ideas and there are a gazillion things we want to get done. For some reason, we want to multi task Bury our heads in different things We seem to think that the busier we get, the better we are at spending our time. But this is not sustainable. You’ll get tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed. You’ll most probably leave things up in the air.

Michee and I had a sit down talk with what we wanted to do as a project next. Naturally, we had tons of things we wanted to do. And for about 2 months, we went on dividing our attention, focus, and time running I Need a Michee and all the other projects we wanted to accomplish. It was crazy. Although, we had planned out things and were reasonable in dividing our time for each day, it was just too overwhelming. Why did we subject ourselves to such madness? Haha. I really don’t know. But here’s one thing we’re trying out. We’ll focus on just one thing. Like what we did when we started I Need a Michee. That worked really well for us. So we’ll try that route again. We’ll use the excess time we have on just one thing - one project we want to develop and go deep. I think that’s a good start. We’ll let you know how it goes.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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