Relax & Embrace the Ordinary

I have a theory that we love driving ourselves insane. We keep on inundating our brains with questions that can just lead to anxiety such as “Am I doing enough?”, “how can I get more?”, “I should be chasing more things,” and a lot lot more. It’s not a bad thing to want to do more, achieve more, and dream bigger. But if you can’t be satisfied, feel proud, and be happy with what you’ve achieved so far and you keep comparing yourself to others then you’re just stressing yourself out. I am not saying be complacent. But be grateful. Be contented. We only have so little time in this life. Stop devoting ALL of your time chasing, hustling, and grinding. Relax.

Start thinking about other things than your goals, your business or how to scale it.

Close your laptop and leave it behind.

Get a cone of ice cream,

head to the beach,

walk the shore or swim,

meet new people,

reconnect with old friends,

read some classics,

watch a shitty movie -

just go ahead and waste your time on human experience.

All of these things don’t sound as exciting as starting a new business or strategizing to scale it, but you have got to learn to embrace the ordinary every now and then. That’s where the fun lies. You just need to stick around.




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