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No “Participation Shout Outs” Allowed

Reserve your shout outs and praises to those who truly deserve them. No participation shoutouts please.

Before we end our weekly meeting, we take turns giving shout outs to specific team members who has really excelled in the past week. I keenly observe how each of our VAs reacts when they receive shout outs. We’re very specific with our shout outs. I believe you have to be. Not just a general “great job last week”. We specifically recall instances wherein we were impressed with the quality of work produced and the dedication and care our VA has placed on the task. The simple acknowledgement that they did a good job does wonders to their morale. They start the week with BIG smiles and HUGE enthusiasm. But remember to reserve your shout outs and praises to only those who deserve them. Nobody gets a “participation shout out” from me. I see faces falling when they get no shout out from me. But the thing is if you praise someone for a mediocre job, then they most likely wouldn’t raise their quality. Because they think that they’re already doing excellent. If you give everyone shout outs for just showing up, those who provide you with truly exceptional work will feel slighted and discouraged. So reserve your shout outs and praises to those who truly deserve them. Let the mediocre ones work harder and raise their standards first. Only when they truly deserve praise, should you give it to them.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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