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The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

The entrepreneur's dilemma:  Maintaining friendships. Building a great company. Spending time w/family. Staying fit. Getting sleep.  Pick 3.  - Randi Zuckerberg

If you recall, around April, Alla and I decided to hit the gym. After 2 years of dedicating most of our time getting I Need A Michee to stable footing, we finally had the spare time to do something else. We decided it was time for fitness. It was time to take care of ourselves after all those late nights and take-out meals. Recently though, things shifted once more. I Need A Michee demanded more of our attention and so did our not-so-little family. The past few weeks have been insanely exhausting. We couldn’t keep up. Something’s got to give. Gym was the official sacrificial lamb. And this made me feel awful - making this decision. But then, it did make a huge difference in helping us deal with all the demands and still getting the rest we needed. It still bothered me though until I came across this old article on The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma. In this article, Randi Zuckerberg says you can only have 3 things from this list: Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness and Friends. Read the article, it explains it better. This made me realize, things shift all the time and when they do, we can’t always have the same things. There are times when we can have almost everything but there are times when we have to let go of things, just for awhile. It doesn’t mean we’re failing in life. It just means we recognize what needs our attention the most. So to you, who’s experiencing the same thing. To you, who’s having a hard time giving yourself to these 5 things. It’s okay to only have 3. You’re not failing. And you can do this!



Image by Kristopher Roller


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