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In Honor of Human Excellence

When I was a kid, I daydreamed of traveling to outer space. 🚀

Of exploring another planet.

I can’t vividly recall the images I had in my mind for what or how things would look like there. But I can still remember that feeling I had while pretend-walking on the soundless surface of a planet far far away.

A few days ago, I was browsing on Facebook and I saw that 360 panorama photo of Mars’ surface taken by the Curiosity rover. I was ecstatic. I kept staring at it, moving my view in different angles. I was mesmerized. My younger self was rolling around with giddiness.

If you feel like whatever idea you have in mind is impossible, that it will never happen, take a look at this photo of Mars’ surface. This photo is a testament to what is possible, what we can achieve, and to human excellence.

Once upon a time, I was a wide-eyed kid from a tiny island who had an insane dream of getting a glimpse of another planet’s surface. Thanks to dreamers who do, this dream of mine is now a reality.

The world needs more people who dare to dream big, and imagine the future. And we especially need more people who go out there and start creating that future.

With sheer determination and unwavering faith in human excellence, we can go far and beyond our wildest dreams.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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