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Golden Opportunities

What’s the point of marketing your business when no one’s there to welcome and assist those who come?

A month ago, I was looking for options that I can do to help the environment in my own small way. I’m actually addicted to researching these things. It makes me hopeful plus, I seriously want to do my part.

I’ve gone from bringing eco bags whenever I go out, refusing plastics and straws and the like. Now, I wanted to know how I can use solar power.

I live in a building, so installing one on my roof is not an option.

I saw a local solar company here and they did sell various portable options. Options for people like me. I was delighted! 😄 One product was a single solar panel (one that I can place by my window) but it can charge almost all gadgets - cellphones, laptops, cameras.

I was sold. These are things I charge everyday so removing that from the usual power grid to solar would be great.

I was ready to buy but there was no buy button. I was used to this with local companies because online purchases are not yet that common here. (Payment gateways are freaking expensive and Stripe isn’t even available here.)

So I asked via messenger on their Facebook Page. And I got “as of the moment, we don't have xxxxx on stock. You can call us at xxx-xxxx for inventory updates”.

Call you?

I felt bad because this company just missed to spot a perfect opportunity. This was a lead, a lead that doesn’t need convincing, a lead that is ready to buy but they ask me to call back.

This was a perfect opportunity to build a relationship, to open more doors but instead, it was wasted. What would have been better? Let me know as soon as one is available. Not the other way around.

How many of your leads do you really think would religiously call you back to check if you have something that was out of stock?

How many times have you missed seizing an opportunity like this?

If you are putting yourself out there to get people in your door, don’t forget to build a relationship to those who knock. These are the people who answered your call aka your high-quality leads. It’s your job to open the door and take care of them.

What’s the point of marketing your business when no one’s there to welcome and assist those who come?



Image by Kristopher Roller


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