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I Want Results. NOW.

I’ve noticed a trend whenever we want to achieve something - we rush. We want results and we want them now. This isn’t just about marketing, conversions, sales or business. We also have this mindset in other things - food, deliveries, toning our bodies, getting to places and more.

It’s a curious thing. We’ve become brats that run around wanting everything, giving up too soon and complaining.

I’ve been working on this business for months and I’m not getting the profit that I want. This isn’t working. This business is a year old but it’s not scaling as I expected it to. This isn’t working. I’ve been working out for 5 days now, why isn’t my body changing. This isn’t working.

Is it really not working?

When did “it has to be right now” become our default setting? When did we become so impatient? When did we stop seeing things through?

Think about it - how many projects have you started but never finished because you’re not getting the results you wanted after x days or months?

Look, there are some things that are built to be fast but there are some things that we shouldn’t rush. Some things need time to brew. The current problem is, we seem to think that EVERYTHING has to be quick.

Until you acknowledge that and be conscious of it, you can’t address it and you’ll be stuck in this endless loop.

Here’s a challenge - be patient.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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