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Core Values and Profit

A few weeks ago Alla and I watched The True Cost film. Highly recommend that everyone watches this, by the way. It’s a very striking film and it will make you uncomfortable and rethink the way you are as a consumer.

And as a consumer, it did its job on us.

More than that though, it will also make you you reflect upon the way you are as an entrepreneur, person and business.

This film showed amazing companies that are battling the status quo of irresponsible consumerism. It shows companies that do not forget what they stand for, what their values are while making the concepts of social responsibility, ethics and profit meet and be on the same page.

They know profit margins and numbers are important and making profit is definitely ONE OF THE goals of creating a business. But this is what makes a huge difference -

They know that profit is just one of the goals in a pool of bigger or smaller goals. It is NOT the primary or sole goal of a company.

Once you think profit is above else, this is where sh*t hits the fan.

This is why you need to have your core values set from the very beginning. It will guide you. It will help you. It will remind you of what you stand for, why are you here, why you started this in the first place.

Never sacrifice your core values for profit. Once you do, you might as well just sell your company.

Answer this -

What type of company do you want to be? What type of person do you want to be? Does your business still reflect this? Does your business still reflect who you are?



Image by Kristopher Roller


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