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Have The Courtesy to Say “No”

If you’ve been in business for awhile and you’ve done the entire sales process by yourself, you’ve probably encountered people that were pleasant to talk with, tells you they’re ready for what you’re offering only to disappear on you. 👻

You follow-up numerous times and you never hear from them again. You wonder and reflect on what you could’ve done better. You think to yourself, “It was such a pleasant and promising conversation. She said she’s onboard but she’s nowhere to be found.”

Now, think about this - have you ever been on the opposite end? You have call with a company offering the product or service that you’re looking for and then you disappear on that person.

What happened?

Maybe you got pulled somewhere.

You were busy.

You went with another company.

That’s probably what happened and it’s okay but please, have the courtesy to tell those people that you are no longer interested.

A simple sentence saying, “Sorry, we went with another company” or “Sorry, we’re going on another direction” would make a whole lot of difference.

It lets that person know not to bother you anymore. Not only will it save you from receiving follow-ups, you’ll also save that person’s sanity.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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