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No Need to Undermine to Make a Point

In all the calls that I’ve been on the past year, there’s still a lot that affects me. Rejection was one of them. Yes. You read that right - WAS.

I used to be totally affected by rejection. Now, not anymore. I’ve learned that we’re not for everyone but that’s a different story.

There was a recent call that really bothered me. Instead of saying a flat-out “no”, Alla and I were met with belittling our services.

The reason behind it was our price.

We were too expensive for the person on the other side of the call.

I understand that we may be too expensive for some people and that is fine.

It simply means we’re not for you. We are not for everyone anyway and we don’t want to be.

What I couldn’t bring myself to understand is why there was a need to belittle and undermine our value to prove a point.

It prompted a lot of questions in my mind:

Why was there a need for that? What was this person trying to achieve? Did he really think we’d change anything because he subtly insulted us? Did that make him feel better?

Why 👏 am 👏 I 👏 bothered? 👏 Why do I find it utterly unbelievable that someone would insult a service or product they can’t afford?

If you can’t find the value on someone’s service or product, no need to insult, say thank you for your time and walk away.

This service is not for you.

If someone can’t see the value of your service or product, same thing, no need to insult, say thank you and walk away.

This person is not for you.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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