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How Would You Sell Your Product or Service?

How would you sell your product (or service) to potential customers? The most common answer is to keep talking more about the product or service. It sounds so simple right? But the simplest answer is not always the right one. Or at least, not always more convincing and persuasive.

We think that if our prospects understand how our products work, then we can gain their trust and eventually their business. So we insist on telling them about our product’s features and benefits. Failing to realize that we’re actually boring them. Yes, you’re boring your potential buyers when you keep talking about your product. Me. Me. Me is what they only hear.

Stop obsessively telling your prospects what this feature does and what these buttons do. Focus instead on making them understand how your product or service will change their lives. What will change when they use your product (or service)? And show rather than tell.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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