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New Beginnings

My trusted assistant Maia, recently tendered her resignation. She’s going to study in Australia for her masters degree. Of course, we could not let her miss this opportunity.

In one of her last meetings with the team, Maia mentioned she did not want to resign. She was trying to figure out ways to stay on with INAM while doing her studies. But she realized that there was just too much on her plate, and she had no other choice but to say goodbye to us.

She’s such a big loss to me and INAM.

But I am very happy for her. It is indeed an amazing opportunity for her. It is bittersweet.

As we said our goodbyes and well wishes to Maia during her last meeting with the team, I could feel her reluctance and sadness that she could not have both things she wanted which was to stay with INAM and study for her master’s degree in another country.

So I gave her this piece of advice and I can only hope that she takes this to heart.

Embrace this opportunity. It’ll expand your horizon and your world will get bigger. Always be grateful for new beginnings.

New beginnings means you’ll have to close a chapter.

And yes, it is bittersweet.

But that’s just the way growth is.

It’s a great feeling knowing that your team loves working with you and loves being a part of the team and that they consider you as family. Somehow, we did right by our team.

And that is one of the greatest achievements any business owner can ever hope for.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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